District 47 State Representative Ryan Bourriaque takes the oath of office

District 47 State Representative Ryan Bourriaque takes oath of office

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Ryan Bourriaque was sworn in this week as the new State Representative for Cameron Parish, though his district also includes parts of Calcasieu and Vermilion.

Bourriaque’s first public appearance since his swearing in Tuesday was to welcome leaders at the student council district meeting in Sulphur, hosted by Hackberry High.

There’s a lot of energy with youth, and at the age of 36, Bourriaque is younger than most in the state house.

He said he’s excited to serve.

“First and foremost, we have some infrastructure problems that I think are well chronicled throughout the state, but particularly in district 47 we have some road issues, we have some bridge issues, drainage issues; and so, I think we’re going to have to have a conscious effort to address those right off the bat,” he said.

We’re told his district is the largest—as far as geographical area. It includes all of Cameron Parish, half of Vermilion and a small part of Calcasieu.

“Basically, from Niblett’s Bluff, in the Starks area, south to Cameron Parish and east all the way to Abbeville is all of district 47 and every municipality in between,” Bourriaque said.

Bourriaque feels his experiences involving both hurricane recovery and for the past five years as Cameron Parish administrator have prepared him to represent the district.

“I’ve personally worked in all three parishes over time. Infrastructure projects, coastal restoration projects and on gubernatorial appointed boards. Coastal land loss is important to us, infrastructure improvements are certainly important, having the availability of quality jobs for our residents and capitalizing on these large investments for our contractors, subcontractors and even vendors for these particular investments," Bourriaque said.

And about the Cameron Ferry: He will work toward more reliable passage.

“The most cost-effective alternative we have, at this point in time, is constructing a new ferry with modern technology for propulsion, things of that sort," Borriaque. "That could reduce the amount of breakdowns.”

And even though he was just sworn in this week, he’s already pre-filed his first piece of legislation dealing with the shrimp marketing and promotion fund.

Bourriaque filled the unexpired term of Bob Hensgens, who was elected to the State Senate. That means, along with all the other lawmakers, he will have to run again this fall for a full four-year term in the house. This fall the governor, statewide offices, legislators and police jurors are among the offices on the ballot.

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