Jennings residents to vote on construction of new elementary school

Jennings residents to vote on construction of new elementary school

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Charles Williams is a resident and business owner in Jennings. He said the new proposal to fund a new elementary school for Jennings is not a new idea.

“The community got together a little over 15 or so years ago and built the new high school, and we had the sales tax and the property tax so we spread the cost across the citizens,” Williams said.

Kirk Credeur is the Superintendent of the Jefferson Davis Parish school system. He said the current situation of kids Pre-K through second grade at James Ward Elementary and third through sixth grade at Jennings Elementary is outdated.

“What we’re hoping to do is have one school in the future that utilizes all these efficiencies, and what we’re hoping to do is save a significant amount of money over time in the running and the maintenance of these schools,” Credeur said. “In other terms, one efficient school to take of the place of two highly inefficient schools.”

“They’ve done as good of a job as they can using those buildings, but they’re way past their time,” Williams said.

Credeur said all 1200 students would merge into one large elementary school; Pre-K through sixth grade.

Gerald Perkins said of the items on the March 30 ballot, this is a priority for him.

“We’re in desperate need of a new school—that goes without saying,” Perkins said. “Jennings is a small community, and I think that can be done without any problems.”

“But the truth is on voting day,” Credeur said. “And we will really on voting day get to see the truth of how people feel, what’s in their heart and what direction they want to go.”

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