Second annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Expo held at Barbe High School

Second annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Expo held at Barbe High School

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Sheba Miller is a grandmother of 3-year-old Aubrey, who is completely deaf.

She was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at just 18 months old.

“It’s very scary when you first get that diagnosis,” Miller said. “But you pray about it, and you move on and God sends you great people in your life and they help you through it."

Miller felt it was important to attend the second annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Expo at Barbe High School. Here, families can learn about services like speech pathology and listen to personal stories of achievement.

For information on getting you child involved in the deaf and hard of hearing community, click here.

“I feel much better now,” Miller added. “Now, it’s off my plate. I know I have this extra group of people to help me to get me through this. She’s just deaf, she can’t hear, her communication is different, otherwise, she is just like every other 3-year-old.”

“We have a large number of students with hearing loss and it is easy to feel like you’re alone with this hearing loss,” Christa Foolkes with the Calcasieu Parish School Board said.

Karen Thomas is the mother of 19-year-old Demarcus, who became deaf at 6 months old. She said he has never let his impairment slow him down. He’s learned sign language, how to drive, and is playing basketball.

“Get involved in your children’s lives,” Thomas said. “Because they are here and they’re not stupid, they’re not dumb. They just want to be normal like normal children. It’s kind of sad because he’ll be graduating this year and this is like a family.”

“Deaf can and deaf will if they put their mind to it. They can and will be successful," Foolkes said.

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