Grace Gardens blessing and brick dedication celebrated

Grace Gardens blessing and brick dedication celebrated

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -There was a special dedication and blessing Friday at Christus Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital. Each year, new bricks are added to Grace Gardens in memory of those who have passed and in honor of others.

Grace Gardens is a quiet place created for believers to experience God’s healing presence. It was started in 2005.

Flavin Realty sponsored the event in memory of William “Bill” Flavin, who founded the company, and in memory of Faye & Johnny Abraham.

Tim Flavin talked about how much he misses and admires his father.

“We have an incredible founder that I never, in the 55 years that I knew my dad, I never heard him say a negative thing about another human being. He was the example that he set for all of us. Make sure that you tell those that you love how much you do love 'em,” Tim said.

Bishop Glen John Provost blessed and dedicated the new bricks added. He assured those who have lost loved ones, they will be remembered in prayer.

“Those whose memorials are here in this garden will be in our prayers for eternal rest and for their peace and comfort with the Lord in eternal life. This is what we strive for. This is what those who have lived in faith sought in their own life to achieve and we pray that it might be so for our beloved departed,” he said.

A list of new bricks added this year follows:

In memory

Johnny Abraham, Lona Faye Abraham, Mildred Irene Harlan Abraham, Jordan Tyler Adams, Margaret Jones Aday, Cecil Adrian, Harry Lee Aguillard, Bettylu Irene Allen, Agnes Marie Amidon, Henry “Bud” Amy, Dorothy Jackson Anderson, Ruth Edwina “Pud” Anderson, Dorothy Appleby, George Webner Ash, Gladys “Charlene” Atterbery, Raymond Aucoin, Richard W. “Rick” Bagley, Margaret Ann David Benoit, Concetta Hidalgo Billedeaux, James Clarkson “Clark”Bonin, Margaret Field Boudreau, Dianna Guillory Boykin, John Nicholas Brewer, Joseph Brignac, Edna Stelly Brittain, Peggy Blackwell Bruce, Bennie Louis Buller, Joe Dae Burns, Debra Suzann Campbell, Dr. Joe Cash, Ph.D., Thomas “Tom” Clarke, Jr., Althea Mae Meaux Cox, James Cox, Neil Randall Crain, Mary Elizabeth Burns Crawford, Dorothy Marie Roy Dane, Mary Jolene Beaugh David, Mary Vernest Abshire Dennis, LeRoy Otto DeReese, Jr., Elmer Ray Doise, Alice LeDoux Drum, Lee Anna Dubrock, Joan Carter Duchmann, Nancy Houston Ellis, Elfriede Scherer Erickson, Janet Marie Faul, Laura Fellows, Command Sergeant Major Charles Lawrence Finney, Lavonne Lee Finney, Leopold Vincent Fischer, Jr., Bryan Dwayne Fontenot, Carolyn Ann Foreman Fontenot, Floyd Vincent Fontenot, Louise Hebert Fontenot, Marie Bossier Foret, John N. Frank, Margaret Harland Gill, Dr. Ben Goldsmith, Bob Goldsmith, Arleen Evelyn Schnaath Goode, David Scott Guillory, Barbara Dever Gutierrez, Gertrude Harris, Louise Alice Frati Harris, Robert Harris, Shirley Arvilla Marcantel Harst, Jeanne Leoniel Farque Hartman, William “Bill” Stewart Hauskins, Thomas Gerard Hebert, Jerald “Sonny Boy” Helms, Nona Roberts Helms, Rebecca Copher Hemphill, Ruby Henke, Ray Montgomery Feldes Henrich, Sarah Ann Henry, Michael J. Horak, Constance Lucy McDowell Houk, Gloria Ellen Manning Jackson, Clayton C. Jacobs, Karen Jinks, Marjorie “Betty” Elizabeth Chisum King, Maizie Mendoza Knuckles, Steven P. Krause, Dorothy “Coonie” Sonnier Lawton, John Henry “Scooter” LeBleu II, Terry James LeDoux, Robert D. Lege, Danielle Marie Frank-Lemon, Catherine Ross Liberto, Sam Salvador Lisotta, Alice Welch Little, Marguerite Carrier Little, Lloyd “L G” George Lopez, Verna Mary Louviere, Tillie Natali Lungaro, Sister Aloysius Mannion, CCVI, Kathryn Carter McCalla, Madelene D. McNabb, Thomas Blair Meyers, Remy Daniel “Danny” Miller II, Judge Patricia Head Minaldi, Ola May Natali, Beth Hope Njeri, Kay Frances Noble, Isabel “Bel” Thornton Painter, Ryaney Wayne “Ronnie” Parish, Gloria Bridges Parker, John Allen Petty, Taylor Devin Phillips, Carla Allene Pottorff, Charlene Ware Prejean, Bennett James “Jim” Reaves III, Elizabeth Singletary Richard, Ronald “Casey” Richard, Jo Ann Bassham Rigney, Lena Vidrine Roach, Larry A. “Bee”Roach, Jr., Elsie Roberts, Kerry Lyn Roberts, Oneil Roberts, Bevo Rome, Jr., Hazel Savoie, Sono Savoie, Quinten Lawrence Savoie, Sister Benedict Shannon, CCVI, Mitzi Marie St. Romain, Ramone Stanford, Sister Monica (Frances Marie) Stelly, Rose Stevens, Dorothy Jean Veillon Stroud, Brian Ward Taylor, Clarice Manning Taylor, Janet Marie Graybill Tenos, Lucas George Terracina, Roy Rogers Tezeno, Sr. , John Chadick “Chad” Thielen, Joseph Morris Thomas, Shirley Blair Thomas, Anita Roshelle King Tigner, George Wilfred Trahan, Deacon Glenn Christopher Viau, Kary Lamont Vincent, Yvonne Elizabeth Wainwright, Bobby Ray Wall, Dr. Lesley Martin “Les” Warshaw, Sr., James Richard “Jimbo” Webb, Benjamin “Benny” Welch, Sr., Linda Gayle Welch, Dona Claire Braud White, Eve Ina “Teen” Wicke, B. Scott Wood, Charlyne Smith Wyche, Nancy Naff Wyman, James Lonee Young, Rudolph “Rudy” Odo Young, Jr., George “Buddy” Zagone

In honor (still living)

Dr. Abdel Abu Shamat, 2013 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

Debbie Amy, 2018 LPN of the Year Award

Dr. David Buttross III, 2016 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

Dr. John L. Cocchiara, 2011 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

Ainsley Dane DeSonier, 2018 Caritas Award

Rachel Dugas, 2018 Clinical Support of the Year Award

Bonnie Ford, 2017 Associate of the Year Award

Dr. Richard Gilmore, 2012 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

Mr. and Mrs. Denis (Linda) Husers, 50 Years of Marriage

Senator Ronnie Johns, 2018 Saint Peter Claver Award

Dr. Percival Kane, 2014 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

Timothy King, Adoption

Mr. and Mrs. Lenn (Ann) Knapp, 50 Years of Marriage

Dr. and Mrs. Richard (Gaye) Landry, 50 Years of Marriage

Ra’Shonee GibsonLavergne, 2018 Nurse of the Year

Donna Lechtenberg, Purchased Brick

Mr. and Mrs. William (Catherine)Lowry, Sr., 50 Years of Marriage

Dr. and Mrs. John F. (Eleanor) Moffett, 60 Years of Marriage

Dr. Baron Newton, 2017 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

John Noble III, American Press Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred (Margaret)Palma, 60 Years of Marriage

Dr. Arthur Primeaux, 2015 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

Stephen Rothermel, Purchased Brick

Shanna Thibodeaux , 2017 Leader of the Year Award

Mr. and Mrs. Milton “Mickey” (Vicky) White , 50 Years of Marriage

Dr. Luke M. Williams, 2018 Dr. John Greene Martin Compassionate Care Award

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