Restaurants in the Lake Area begin implementing new charge on credit card customers

Restaurants in the Lake Area begin implementing new charge on credit card customers
(Source: Luke Burdsall)

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Alex Duplechin is the general manager for Casa Manana in Sulphur. It’s one of the Lake Area businesses switching over to a new credit card processing system.

"Probably about 75% to 80% of all our sales in the building are credit card based," Duplenchin said.

He said before, different credit cards would charge his restaurant fees for every swipe ranging from 2%, 4%, and even upwards of 8%.

Now, the new system is a flat 4% fee for all credit cards, that puts the transaction fee on the customer, rather than the business.

"We just finished our first week so we're still learning the ins and outs of the system,” Duplenchin said. “But I'm just worried about how it effects my business in the store."

He said this new system gives the business some leeway.

"It gives us that extra breathing room and actually turn a profit, you know, give employees raises, hire new employees, try to branch out and reach new customers, spend more money on advertising," Duplenchin said.

Jermond Talbert is a customer of Casa Manana and says it’s a small price to pay for supporting local businesses.

“I carry cash sometimes when needed, but most often I carry credit card,” Talbert said. “I mean you got to do what you got to do. You got to support local, so if that’s what it takes to support local then I’m all for it. I wish they would give us some kind of notice, but at the end of the day, it’s cool. And if the 4 percent helps with that then I support it.”

Overall though, Duplechin says the fee is 4 cents on every dollar spent, which for smaller purchases, isn’t much more.

“The bigger orders, larger parties, caterings that we do, that’s when they really kind of notice it,” Duplenchin said. “We’re in our third year of operation here. We’re still trying to gain the regulars and the business, trying to be profitable and this is just one step in trying to make that happen.”

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