Lake Area moms whose daughters have cystic fibrosis react to new movie, ‘Five Feet Apart’

Lake Area moms whose daughters have cystic fibrosis react to new movie, ‘Five Feet Apart’

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - “Five Feet Apart” premiered on Friday.

The movie is about two teens with cystic fibrosis who fall in love, but because of the disease, have to remain apart or risk losing their lives.

“We all thought it was a great way to show awareness for the disease, because a lot of people don’t even know what it is," said Allyson Stulb.

Allyson Stulb and Haley Bertrand both have young daughters with CF.

They said the movie did a good job of showing the daily difficulties of someone with the disease.

“Most kids just wake up and eat breakfast and get dressed and go to school," Stulb said. "Our kids have to wake up a little bit earlier. We do treatments every morning and every night.”

CF is a genetic lung disease that affects your digestive system and anywhere in the body that contains mucus.

It makes people with it especially vulnerable to illnesses and any sort of sickness can wear down their lungs.

“A cold for your child could mean hospitalization for ours," Stulb said.

With most diseases, people struggling with them can come together in support. With CF, patients with the disease being near each other can be deadly.

“CF patients culture the same types of bacteria that most people don’t," said Stulb. “They’re more at risk for that type of thing, and they shouldn’t be near each other.”

That’s something the moms said the movie portrayed well; the struggle of feeling alone.

“Knowing that our kids won’t ever get to see each other and play together, that makes it hard for them as a CF patient trying to have that support like we do," Bertrand said.

They said a lot of people in the CF community were fearful that the movie was going to portray patients pushing dangerous boundaries.

Stulb and Bertrand said they feel the overall message of the movie was education.

“We just urge people to go see it and learn about it," Bertrand said. "Because this is going to bring a lot of awareness to CF.”

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has information and resources about the disease.

The local CF community also has a fundraiser on April 13 in Welsh.

“Five Feet Apart” is in theaters now.

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