Cowboys adjusting to new offensive pace

Cowboys adjusting to new offensive pace

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Every team’s main goal throughout spring ball is to remain healthy. In addition to that, the new-look Cowboys are emphasizing a change of pace, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

“It’s a whole lot faster than what I’m used to," senior running back Justin Pratt explained. "I’ve never played on any team like this. It’s like a two-minute drill all practice long. That’s how the playbook is pretty much, just two-minute drill. So we have to get used to that.”

During Sterlin Gilbert’s two seasons as the offensive coordinator at USF his offensive unit averaged 475 yards and 33 points per game. To compare that to McNeese’s last two seasons offensively, the Pokes only managed to put up 350 yards and 25 points per game. The expected boost in production is something to look forward to.

“It’s some stuff that we’re obviously excited about. We’re still in an install phase with it but they’re excited about it,” said Gilbert. "Obviously it’s an opportunity to still get faster, I told them this is the slowest we’ll be. We still have to get faster with everything that we’re doing execution wise like getting lined up and getting set, and then executing the plays.

Not only does the faster pace improve the offense, but it helps the guys on defense as well. It allows them to get used to what they’ll see during the season as most college teams have more up-tempo styles, especially in the Southland Conference.

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