NTSB releases preliminary report on Red River plane crash

NTSB releases preliminary report on Red River plane crash
A preliminary FAA report identifies this Piper PA 46-350P registered as N428CD as the fixed-wing, single-engine plane that crashed into Red River the morning of Feb. 28. (Source: Photo courtesy of Paul Pickett)

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary report on a fatal plane crash in the Red River.

The report states that after departing from Shreveport’s Downtown Airport’s runway 32, Lennard was instructed by air traffic control to turn left to a heading of 270° and continue climbing to 12,000 feet mean sea level.

The plane turned left continuously for 740 degrees. After climbing to 1,400 mean sea level, the plane’s altitude began to sway between 725 ft and 1,900 feet. The report then says the airplane made a decelerating turn to the right and quickly descended.

The last recorded air traffic control information indicated a ground-speed of 31 knots and altitude of 575 feet mean sea level. The plane then crashed in the Red River and came to rest 17 feet below its surface.

Below is the entire report.

Note that this is a preliminary report and may contain some errors. A final report will be made.

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