LOVE YOUR PET DAY: Lake Area woman celebrates with her three poodles

LOVE YOUR PET DAY: Lake Area woman celebrates with her three poodles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - While those of us with pets love them year round, today is a special occasion it’s National Love Your Pet Day! From birds to bearded dragons, there’s certainly a variety out there. But of course man’s best friend reigns supreme, especially for one Southwest Louisiana woman.

When you ask Kayla Rigney about her children, she’ll tell you she has one two-legged child and three four-legged children.

“Every day is national pet day at our house,” Rigney said. “We center a lot of our entertainment around our dogs, I feel like if you get them, you need to spend time with them, you need to make them important, and feel a focus of your family.”

Rigney’s three poodles, Millie, Ringo, and Coal are a huge part of her life.

“They’re a lot of company they make you get up in the morning, if you are feeling like you don’t have a purpose or you’re kind of floundering, or no one needs you, or no one loves you. There’s a pet that’s always there,” Rigney said.

Being there during a time of need is a top priority for these furry ones as they serve as therapy dogs.

“Therapy dogs, basically, are dogs with good temperaments, who like other people, who like other dogs, who you can take around to visit and just share joy,” Rigney said. “We go to hospitals and nursing homes, we have a program at the library where the kids learn to read to them.”

If you’re thinking of adopting a pet anytime soon, Kayla said there are some things to look into.

“Do your research, that’s the most important thing,” Rigney said. “Some are suited for family and children, some are not, some are suited for busy lifestyles, some are not. See what the rewards are. With ours, they’re smart, but you have to stay three steps ahead of them because they’re always one step ahead of me. So you’ll just kind of have to learn what goes well for your family and go with that.”

While dogs are pretty popular, National Love Your Pet Day is all about celebrating any kind of animal you own.

They’re always there to greet you with a smile, bring you their favorite toy, so they are part of our family and part of our community.

Submit a photo of your fur baby in the form below and we’ll feature it here. Some will even be featured on KPLC 7News.

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