Louisiana leaders react to President Trump’s national emergency declaration

Louisiana leaders react to President Trump’s national emergency declaration

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Louisiana leaders are responding to the national emergency President Trump declared Friday.

Senator John Kennedy visited Southwest Louisiana after voting in support of the spending bill. He came to discuss what’s happened at the capitol during his time in Washington.

“Forget the politics, forget the personalities and just try to step back and think about what we’ve been able to do in two years. I’m pretty proud of it," Kennedy said.

However, regarding the president’s latest move, does Senator Kennedy support the national emergency declaration?

“It’s not my preferred choice, but I’m gonna support the president. He will be exercising powers that congress has given him. So, this business about, ‘Well, it’s unprecedented and it’s circumvention of congress’—congress gave him the power,” Kennedy said.

Representative Clay Higgins said he’s in support of the national emergency, saying in a statement the president is well within his rights and doing what’s necessary to secure our border.

While Representative Mike Johnson has concerns.

“The question is, how are those limitations going to be defined in the future? Could a future administration say that climate change is a national emergency that justifies some huge federal spending or action, or gun control by a liberal president," Johnson said. "We’re very concerned about the precedent this sets and we’re hoping that Pandora’s box is not opened in that way.”

As a Tulane constitutional law professor explains, the president can declare anything he wants.

“There’s no real limit on his ability to declare an emergency, but once you start talking about the details of actually reprogramming the funds or getting the land, then there’s no guarantee that he can actually, at the end of the day, build what he wants," Stephen Griffin said.

Congress can pass legislation to disapprove President Trump’s national emergency, but Kennedy said he plans to vote to support the president.

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