Moss Bluff Elementary traffic raising concerns for new business owner

Moss Bluff Elementary traffic raising concerns for new business owner

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - An ongoing traffic issue near Moss Bluff Elementary is raising concerns for a new local business owner who said he’s afraid not just for how it could impact his business, but for the safety of students.

Ryan Chesson is opening a new hair salon on School Street right next to Moss Bluff Elementary.

“In order to access this street from 378, you’re having to turn onto oncoming traffic," Chesson said.

Chesson said every day parents line up to pick up their kids from school, blocking the entire right lane. He said his main concern is everyone’s safety who has to maneuver around the congestion.

“I have kids that go to the school. I have cousins that go to this school. We have family members that attend these schools. To know that our kids are on these buses and they’re driving down the roadway and there’s oncoming traffic? It’s just hectic," Chesson said.

He said he sees parents wait up to two hours before school even lets out and he’s worried he’ll lose customers, who have booked their appointments weeks in advance, because they don’t want to deal with the traffic.

“So, basically from the hours of 12 to 3, we’re booking a client at 11:30 and hoping that their process takes as long as this traffic is, so we can get them out safely and once the traffic is gone, we can get another client moved in. It makes it hard because not everybody’s schedule is good at 11 o’clock to get them in and be out by 3 o’clock. So, really from the hours of 12 to 3, we’re slowing down by 75 percent," Chesson said.

Another business owner on School Street, Robert Landry, said he agrees this has been an ongoing issue in the area.

“The main thing is that most of the entrances to the businesses are blocked along the main corridor along 378 and then another issue is the parents get here so early. They get here as early as before 2 o’clock sometimes," Landry said.

Chesson said the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s office has been very helpful with the issue. The sheriff’s office confirms they will follow up on the complaint, but didn’t give specifics.

Chesson also plans to propose “no parking” signs along School Street to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury in the next couple of weeks.

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