Sen. Kennedy discusses budget $1.375 billion deal

Sen. Kennedy discusses budget $1.375 billion deal

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Congress reached a deal that could prevent another partial government shutdown, but the $1.375 billion offer is still about $4 billion less than what President Trump asked for.

“That’s not $5.7 billion, which the president wanted, but it’s not the one dollar speaker Pelosi said he was going to get either. So, I think our conferees did a good job on that," Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said.

Kennedy said he’s not sure whether or not he’s going to support this deal, especially with so many factors to consider— including the number of detention beds at Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers.

“At the last minute, our Democratic friends insisted as a part of the deal that we had to decrease the number of detention beds," Kennedy said.

Democrats wanted fewer beds in detention center to reign in what they see as overly harsh immigration enforcement. I.C.E. Deputy Director said that could could be “extremely dangerous to public safety.” Kennedy agreed and said Democrats’ request to limit the number of beds was shocking.

“I thought we all agreed that the rule of law was one of the principles that our country was founded upon, so, when they brought that up, that really was a deal-killer," Kennedy said.

He said he needs to read the bill before he can back it.

“I’m not saying that’s the case here, but sometimes people will kinda slip things into this legislation that, well, may not be in the best interest of my state and my country. So, I’m going to reserve the right. I also want to see what the president is going to do here," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said he doesn’t believe the president will shut down the government again, but said President Trump could declare a national emergency. He believed the deal could force the president’s hand.

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