Man arrested for impersonating JDPSO deputy

Man arrested for impersonating JDPSO deputy

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Christopher Villanueva, 32, was arrested Sunday evening after authorities said he posted videos of himself in a stolen Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Deputy’s uniform.

“I’m the only one out here that can do this bro," Villanueva said. "My street cred is impeccable.”

Chief Deputy Christpoher Ivey said the shirt was stolen.

“He was an employee of the dry cleaners where the deputy that had that shirt dropped it off," Ivey said. "Apparently, he took it from that business and that’s how he obtained it.”

Ivey says Villanueva was fired from the business following the arrest.

Wilbert Lewis Jr., 31, and Luke Freeman, 37, were arrested on aiding and abetting charges after deputies found the two in a video posted on Facebook with Christopher in the uniform.

Ivey said if you have any question of whether an officer is legitimate, just ask.

“Whether they’re in plain clothes or a suit or a uniform, they should have a picture I.D. that identifies them and the agency that they work for," Ivey said.

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