Louisiana Bar Association partners with Council on Aging to educate adults about jury duty

Louisiana Bar Association partners with Council on aging to educate adults about jury duty

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Parish District Judge Robert Wyatt spoke with seniors about the responsibility of jury duty.

Jeanette Malone says she is feeling more prepared for the next time she's called to do her civic duty.

"It gave me a better understanding what happens when you're on the jury,” Malone said. “Well yeah because you have to listen to all the evidence and go by what is presented to you. You can't make an assumption you have to go by the evidence, and you go by that."

She says she has only been summoned for jury duty one time in her life. But Judge Wyatt says some residents can go without being summoned until late in life.

“And it just goes that way,” Wyatt said. “I talk to people almost daily about never having been summoned or every three years being summoned. It’s just absolute random allotment and that allows some people to never get that call. We recognize the inconvenience whether you’re working or retired, I mean, there’s other things any one of us would rather be doing that serving on a jury.”

Overall, Wyatt says this responsibility is something everyone should be ready for. He says you never know when it will be you that has to be the one helping decide an individual’s fate.

Eleanor Rist says she's glad she came and now understands more about the jury process.

"The judge was very interesting, I'm coming back for the next session here,” Rist said. “People need to come to these sessions, it was very good."

For a link to help you know what to expect when your time comes to serve in the court, click here.

The Calcasieu Council on Aging says they are going to continue working with the Louisiana Bar association to bring three more educational opportunities to seniors this coming year. Those will be announced on their Facebook page when details become available. You can find a link to that page by clicking here, or their website by clicking here.

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