Anthony Davis back after trade talk, and fans couldn’t be happier

Anthony Davis back after trade talk, and fans couldn’t be happier
Anthony Davis watches from the bench in street clothes.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Pelicans No. 1 player is back in the game tonight. Anthony Davis created waves when he said he wanted to be traded. Now the team says he’ll finish out the season, and some fans believe he’ll be here a lot longer than that.

“He’s healthy and he’s going to play and we’ll go from there,” said Coach Alvin Gentry.

Gentry confirmed that Davis would be back on the court tonight, and it’s welcome news for fans.

“When he’s lighting up the court, it just brings everybody to their feet,” said fan Darren Cavalier.

With the trade deadline come and gone, the team announced Thursday (Feb. 7) that it would put Davis back in the game. According to ESPN, the league threatened to fine the Pelicans if a healthy AD was kept off the court.

“I think the shock of the whole thing is over,” Gentry said. “Obviously, he said he doesn’t want to be here, he wants to be traded. All that has been known, and now what we’re trying to do is bring back some normalcy to the whole situation.”

While there’s still a lot of uncertainty about Davis’ future with the Pels, fans say they’re glad to hear Davis will finish out the season.

“I think he should be playing,” Cavalier said. “Put him on the court, play. And do what he’s there for, win games.”

Other fans aren’t convinced Davis has any intention of leaving.

“It’s a power play, and that’s how I feel about it,” said Jame Haik. "It’s just business, so I think Anthony will end up staying here and he’s going to be a great asset to the Pelicans.

“I think this is all a charade,” said Kevin Preau. “I think Anthony Davis is going to end up staying with the Pelicans after all is said and done. He tried to do this thing, he tried to get traded, but that didn’t work out.”

Regardless of what happens next year, Coach Gentry says his teammates are glad to have AD back in the game.

“The guy’s almost a 30-point scorer so, obviously, it gives us a situation where it gives us an opportunity, the best opportunity to try to win games, so I think in that situation, any competitor would like having him back,” Gentry said.

Davis just recovered from a finger injury suffered in the Pels game against Portland two weeks ago. Gentry says he’ll treat Davis like any other player returning from an injury. He’ll start with seven minutes and go from there. But Davis surely won’t play his regular 38 minutes.

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