Celebration of life of Lake Area musician

Celebration of life of Lake Area musician

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - On Sunday, the life of Darrell “Bro” Fruge, a Lake Area musician, was celebrated at a benefit concert at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

Darrell was a bass player who often played with bands across the Lake Area.

He was best known for the music he created with his family band, made up of three of his siblings and a close family friend.

“We started when we were kids 50 years ago. I was the oldest and I was only about 12 when we started," said Ronnie Fruge, Darrell’s brother.

They’ve played together ever since.

In January, they lost a piece of their band and their hearts when Darrell lost his battle with cancer.

“Our family unit; we’ve been playing together for so many years that it’s a big deal, obviously," Ronnie said. "Losing not only our brother, but now our music that we’ve shared all of our lives is changed.”

The memories made together through music can never be taken away.

“And myself just standing in the middle of my brothers while they played, it was so overwhelming at times." K.J. Fruge, Darrell’s sister, said. "But it was wonderful and I thank god for the blessing that we share.”

The Southwest Louisiana musical community honored Darrell at a Benefit Concert with local musicians and a silent auction.

Thom Hager was one of the benefit organizers. He used to play with Darrell and said anyone who ever heard him play knew what a talented musician he was.

“It’s one thing to put on a benefit. It’s another thing to actually produce a benefit and get the word out there and get people showing up," Hager said. "But there’s a couple hundred people here and they’re all here for one guy, Bro Fruge.”

As for the Fruge Family Band, they’ll continue playing for Darrell.

“We’ll continue somehow, God willing. And I think he would want us to," Ronnie said.

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