Sulphur Police searching for out-of-state suspects after 90 vehicle burglaries

Sulphur Police searching for out-of-state suspects after 90 vehicle burglaries

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The Sulphur Police Department is investigating 90 vehicle burglaries that occurred early Thursday morning, according to Police Chief Lewis Coats.

“To say they were proficient," Coats said. "They were quick. They knew what they were doing. They’ve done it in the past.”

Sulphur Police say they were dispatched around 1 a.m. Thursday to a hotel saying they had multiple vehicle burglaries. Coats says they set up patrol units at other local hotels, but the suspects waited until the police cars had left the parking lot of at least four other hotels in the area before breaking into those vehicles as well.

“The guys were probably staged up somewhere just monitoring to see what was going on and whenever the officers left the scene. I think that’s when they jumped out.” Coats said.

Vinton Police Chief Ricky Fox says Vinton Police are investigating four vehicle burglaries at the town’s only hotel and believes they may be connected to the Sulphur vehicle burglaries. Coats says the number of reported vehicle burglaries could grow.

He also says the suspects, five in total, were only looking for one thing in the vehicles: weapons.

Coats says the getaway car had Texas license plates and that the suspects most likely are not from this area.

“Usually Interstate 10 is used for transportation," Coats said. "Easy transportation. Unfortunately, our city is on I-10. Calcasieu Parish is split in half by I-10 and a lot of crime is associated directly to I-10 and we know it—we prepare for it—but this one snuck up on us and I don’t know what to say.”

He says he hopes this incident acts as a warning for others to not leave valuable items, especially guns, in their vehicles.

“We’ve been told other area agencies have the same issue with potentially the same guys," Coats said. "Our guys are going to work hard. We’re going to make an arrest. I think we have some good leads. Unfortunately, we are going to have to cross state lines to do it, in my opinion, but I have faith in our guys and they are going to make it happen.”

Coats says if anyone has information to call Sulphur Police or Crimestoppers.

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