Sulphur Police coming up with solutions to Maplewood traffic problems

Sulphur Police coming up with solutions to Maplewood traffic problems

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Sulphur Police are upping their presence on Maplewood Drive after traffic concerns from residents.

“One of the big problems we are having is Maplewood Drive gets so backed up that people are taking the side streets and trying to race around and beat the line," Sgt. Matthew Cheaney, with Sulphur Police said. "That’s one of the big problems we are having; people speeding through the 25 mile per hour zones and the side streets.”

Since the start of 2019, Sulphur PD says they have written more than 140 citations on Maplewood Drive and the surrounding area.

“A bunch for cutting corners,” Sgt. Cheaney said. “People don’t want to wait for the red light so they cut through a parking lot. At some point, it becomes a race. So, that puts people in danger. Other issues have been 18-wheelers and big trucks aren’t supposed to travel down that road.”

Sulphur PD has had to come up with multiple solutions, including installing a barricade on Cities Service Hwy.

“The reason we put it up was to deter the big trucks essentially, and it has been effective." Sgt. Cheaney said.

Cheaney says before the barrier whenever 18-wheelers would come down Maplewood they would write a ticket and then have to let them continue down the road, as there was no where for them to turn around.

Another solution was to bring in extra manpower from other divisions at the police department.

“The main reason we had to pull other officers was there is just two of us in traffic," Sgt. Cheaney said. "We work hit and run investigations. We work crash reports. It’s just not feasible for us to be there all day every day at just Maplewood.”

Sulphur Police are asking drivers to be patient.

“There are signs everywhere that say local traffic only, but it is a public street and we can’t stop people from traveling on public streets," Sgt. Cheaney said. "Main word of advice, just be patient.”

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