Cameron Parish schools hold bullying prevention event

Bullying prevention

GRAND LAKE, LA (KPLC) - Cameron Parish students met at Grand Lake High School to teach students how to prevent bullying.

“Bullying is a big thing in this world and we need to try and prevent and stop it,” Makala Snyder, a Cameron Parish student said.

Cameron Parish schools gathered to help students combat the nasty habit.

“It’s not always physically," Jadah Devall, a student said. "People assume, but it can be mentally or emotionally too.”

Student Trey Taylor agreed.

“A lot of people really ignore bullying and the real problem that it is," Taylor said. "It’s important to acknowledge and let students know what they can do to prevent it.”

According to the National Center for Education statistics 30 percent of sixth-graders feel like they’ve been bullied.

As they get older, the number does get lower, but not by a lot.

Tom Thelen, founder at No Bullying Schools says it only decreases by 15 percent.

“To me, that’s way to high," Thelen said.

That’s why this event—which features team-building, a skit, and a bullying prevention coach—is so important.

“They can get help, they can bounce back in a positive way, they can learn to be resilient," Thelen said. "They can learn to have emotional intelligence and set boundaries with people so they don’t have to let that hurt sink in so much.”

Vicki Little, emcee of the event, says the solution is simple.

“It’s not just your typical identifying bullying program," Little said. "It’s more about, ‘how do I change myself? How do I make myself better?' And that’s the whole thing. Be the change.”

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