Super Bowl Sunday met with local boycotts

Super Bowl Sunday met with local boycotts
(Source: NFL)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Patriots are squaring up against the Rams today in Super Bowl LIII. But given what happened when the Saints took on the Rams there are many in Louisiana who won’t be watching the big game.

Local establishments in Lake Charles like Lunas and Crying Eagle Brewing Company have said that they will be changing the channel when the game comes on.

The boycott of the game is even more pronounced in the Saints home city of New Orleans where numerous bars are refusing to show it, second-line parades are being planned around the time of the game, and outdoor parties are being organized and sold out across the city.

On that note, if you want to boycott today’s Super Bowl and need a game to watch the NFL did post Super Bowl XLIV for free on their Youtube channel back in 2016:

For those who aren’t boycotting the game don’t expect a blowout. If the Patriots are going to win as they have in the past history shows that it’ll be late in the game. But Tom Brady and the Patriots play at their best when the stakes are higher. They’ve lead all the postseason teams in both total offense (511) and points (39) per game. Brady, Gronkowski, and running back James White have been arguably playing their best season ever up till now.

New England’s explosive offense will go head to head with the Rams' impressive defense. The Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has made a lot of adjustments since their flubs early on in the season. Recently the Rams have only allowed 98 total yards in their two postseason wins despite the fact that both their opponents were fielding top-10 rushing units during the regular season.

The Super Bowl airs tonight on CBS at 5:30 p.m.

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