Ways to cut down your energy bill

Ways to cut down your energy bill

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Hot, cold, winter, spring, it’s like Southwest Louisiana can’t decide.

Not only does that make it hard on picking out your wardrobe, it could also do some serious damage to your energy bill.

Having to switch from heating to air conditioning, then back to your heater can run your bill up quite a bit, so how can you keep that bill from skyrocketing?

Here’s a few tips:

1) Switch to smart thermostats. They heat and cool your home more efficiently and can be controlled on your phone when you’re away.

2) Use your ceiling fans. Rather than cut the A-C on for an hour or two, just turn the fans on instead.

3) When’s the last time you’ve checked your filter? Well a dirty one makes your heater work a lot harder. You’re actually supposed to change those filters about once a month.

4) Speaking of vents, give them some room. Move all your furniture away from your vents so they can push the air or heat across the entire room.

5) Another simple one is to use the sun. Open your curtains to let the sun in if you’re cold, and close them at night to trap in the heat.

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