How the government shutdown affects taxpayers

How the government shutdown affects taxpayers

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It’s that time of year again and if your net revenue for self-employment is over $400, you need to file taxes.

However, this year, tax payers have to factor in the shutdown of the federal government and whether they can go forth with their taxes.

Monita Dejean, area manager for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service says this isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with a government shutdown.

“With the government just opening and process and returns, there is going to be a few little hiccups along the way," Dejean said. "You can’t say someone is going to get their stuff processed today and 21 days they’ll have their refund.”

21 days would usually be the case, but this is the first day federal workers are back and tax payers need to allot for their time off.

Dejean says not to expect government refunds until late February.

In the event the government shuts down again, Dejean gave this last piece of advice.

“They’re not going to shut down on penalties for not filing. So, you have to take that into consideration,” Dejean said. " If a return is filed late without an extension, that tax payer will receive penalties for filing late."

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