Free haircuts being offered to federal employees affected by government shutdown

Free haircuts being offered to federal employees affected by government shutdown

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Matthew Felder is an air traffic control specialist at Lake Charles Regional Airport. He says he’s received his second paycheck since the shutdown, which shows $0.00 for 80 hours of work.

"We run the safest, most efficient air space in the world,” Felder said. “We take a lot of pride in that. Seeing that zero this morning and two weeks ago, it sucks."

He says he is fortunate to have savings to fall back on, but moving forward, he is unsure how he’s going to budget.

"There’s still that penny pinching,” Felder said. “How do you budget for something when you don't know when you’re going to get paid for it."

Stephen Crittenden is the manager at Supercuts in Lake Charles.

Crittenden says once he saw the shutdown affect the community where he works, he wanted to help in any way he could. He decided to offer free haircuts to all federal employees until the shutdown comes to an end.

Crittenden says as a veteran, he understands what it's like to rely on government paychecks. He says he couldn't imagine not living without one paycheck, but two.

"To see people in our community that are hardworking people having to go through this,” Crittenden said. “Not being able to buy stuff at the store they need or getting a haircut. We Just think we can help them out by offering that."

Felder says he is amazed how the community has come together to support those who aren't receiving pay.

"It's a small gesture, but it's something that really means a lot to us in this time," Felder said.

"One thing that's great about our country is the people that are in it,” Crittenden said. “People coming together and helping in times of crisis and need. That's what makes our country great."

Crittenden says his store in Lumpkin Plaza will support all government employees furloughed, just bring your paystub.

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