FIRST ALERT TRAFFIC: Zipper Merge Method

FIRST ALERT TRAFFIC: Zipper Merge Method

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With I-210 construction, lane closures, and wrecks, traffic in the Lake Area has been pretty hectic lately.

Backups, impatient drivers, and traffic jams amount to a lot of frustration and road rage behind the wheel. However, there is a lane merging method that may help increase traffic flow and keep everyone happy, according to the Alberta Motor Association.

It’s called the Zipper Merge Method. Instead of trying to merge early during a traffic jam or lane closure, drivers would use both lanes until the lane reduction point and merge at that location. The method uses a zipper like system of alternating turns at the merge point.

Below is an example:

The method is said to reduce backups and speed differences between the two lanes while also allegedly increasing safety. Many drivers see those who remain in the blocked lane as impatient drivers who are trying to jump ahead in the line but according to the AMA this is actually the most efficient way to keep traffic flowing.

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