A new painted twist of Mardi Gras mask with All Made Up

Updated: Jan. 23, 2019 at 4:16 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Mardi Gras season is here and the festivities are underway. Masks have been a large part of Mardi Gras and other celebrations across the country, but one local artist has put a new twist on the tradition.

“I took that brush and something snapped in me and here we are,” Corrin Aguillard said.

Aguillard has been working with body paint since 2013.

“Looking back at pictures, I’m like, ‘that was rough. There was no connection. The line work is sloppy,’” Aguillard said. “It’s interesting to look back and see how far I’ve come, and it’s impressive.”

Over the years, she has tried to develop her skills in body art by trying different things.

“I’ve done several belly paintings, which are just one of my favorite things to do; create that memory for the momma,” Aguillard said.

One day, she tried to add a little flair to a friend’s Mardi Gras ball outfit by creating a painted Mardi Gras mask.

“We live in Louisiana. Mardi Gras a big thing. They are pretty and beautiful to look at—the lace detail I can do. They are one of my favorite things,” Aguillard said.

With each person, she is able to create a unique look.

“If they bring me a dress, it has x, y, z details. I can play off of that,” Aguillard said.

Corrin paints both kids and adult masks, but sometimes adults can take 45 minutes or more.

“Adults can be a little picker, which I can understand. I’m an adult. They want things to be nicer, so you know, I take my time with them; more details and more intricate work,” Aguillard said.

She says no matter how long it takes, it’s worth the work to see the final product.

“There’s like a little buzz when I paint. There’s like a hum. I clear out my head and my mind. It’s just amazing,” Aguillard said.

She says most masks will last through any event as long as they don’t get wet.

If you are interested in a painted Mardi Gras mask, visit Corrin’s Facebook page for booking.

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