Lake Charles water customers receive fraudulent calls asking for money

Lake Charles water customers receive fraudulent calls asking for money

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Some customers of the Lake Charles water division have been receiving strange calls about their bills.

Katie Harrington with the City of Lake Charles says the water company would never call you personally to demand money.

“They received a call telling them that their bill was past due and the only way they could pay it is over the phone by credit card or they would risk disconnection,” Harrington said. “No, our personnel will not call you and tell you your bill is past due and you can only pay it with a credit card over the phone. In fact, even if you called in and tried to pay your bill over the phone, our personnel cannot even do that over the phone.”

Harrington says this is currently under investigation by the Lake Charles Police Department.

“Thankfully, to our knowledge, no one has been impacted by this other than just receiving the calls,” Harrington said.

She says though this is just one of many scams, residents should always be cautious when answering calls like this.

“This is not an isolated thing specifically to our system, we know that people receive these types of calls from a number of scam artists related to a number of different agencies,” Harrington said. “Just always be very cautious if you receive one of these calls and something doesn’t seem right, definitely call the actual number of the place and check into that.”

Harrington says if you do receive one of these calls, to hang up and call 491-1307 to get in touch with the billing company to notify them.

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