Crying Eagle one of many breweries around the country affected by partial government shutdown

Crying Eagle one of many breweries around the country effected by partial government shutdown

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With the partial government shutdown now in it’s 27th day and counting, the effects are continuing to impact businesses, both small and large, who depend on the federal government for approval.

Whether you drink it bottled, canned, or on draft, beer at Crying Eagle Brewery doesn’t seem to stop flowing. However, in recent weeks, the brewery’s ability to sell new variations of beer has been hindered.

President of Crying Eagle Eric Avery says just before the partial federal government shutdown, the brewery crafted a special beer for the winter season. They planned on having it canned and out on shelves. Unfortunately, any new beer can design has to be approved by the Tax and Trade Bureau, which is currently closed until the government reopens.

“The beer is made—ready to go. Cans are ready. Everything is ready to go, but the beer can’t be released until the government opens back up and approves our can art,” Avery said.

He says he's amazed such a small road block could cost his business around 10,000 cans of beer.

"If this thing drags on too long then we're going to get to a point where this beer is out of season," Avery said.

Avery says breweries all over the country are experiencing the same issues; some more so than others.

"You’ve got a president and a speaker whose heels are both dug in,” Avery said. “Every day that passes is another day that that beer isn’t in the market for us; sales that aren’t made. Until somebody from either side begins to negotiate, then we’re going to be here for a long time.”

Avery says he invites both President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to come out to his brewery and hash out this problem over a pint.

“It’s not just a wall that we’re talking about, there’s all sorts of people and all sorts of businesses that are being effected by this,” Avery said. “Come over to Crying Eagle, I’ll supply the beer, and we can all sit around the table and see if we can get this worked out.”

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