Victim held captive in DeRidder apartment for eleven hours speaks out

Victim held captive in DeRidder apartment for eleven hours speaks out

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - DeRidder Police say they received a 911 call Tuesday morning from a woman who says she was held captive in her apartment for hours by her boyfriend.

Courtney Da’shaun says her boyfriend, Terrance Jerome Jones, saw her getting into her mother’s car, thinking it was her two-month-old baby’s father’s car, and he became angry.

“I had gotten off of work around nine, Monday night,” De’shaun said. “We walked home and he started acting crazy; saying I hadn’t texted him for three hours. I told him I was at work. He left, but when he came back, he forced his way into my house. He just started going crazy. He was just...he was just punching me in the face, punching me in the head. He took his belt buckle and started hitting me in the head—the back of the head with it, hit me in the face with it, and then he shot at me and I had my son in my hands. He tried to strangle me.”

De’shaun says Jones took her phone away, but she was able to escape when her mother continued to call after she didn’t pick up the phone.

“Tuesday morning, my mom called like she does every day around nine in the morning because she goes on break,” De’shaun said. "I couldn’t answer the phone the first two times. After a third time, I called her back. I was trying to give her a hint, but he was sitting right there with the gun so, I really couldn’t say anything. He hung up the phone. He ran to my bedroom to put bullets in the gun, so I grabbed my son and I kicked my backdoor open and I started running.”

She says she made it to the front office of her apartment complex and called 911.

“She had a lot of swelling and bruising to her face and head," Lieutenant James Halbert with DeRidder Police said. "She had cuts, lacerations to her arms and head. She was holding her small child when he shot at her and missed, thank God.”

Terrance Jones is now wanted on several charges, including attempted second-degree murder.

DeRidder PD arrest for man for attempted second-degree murder
DeRidder PD arrest for man for attempted second-degree murder

Halbert says while this is Jones' first violent crime, he has a "lengthy” criminal history, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

“He is potentially armed, because we did not find the weapon upon working the crime scene," Halbert said. "So, he is potentially still out there with the gun.”

“I just wish they catch him before another girl goes through what I had to go through," De’shaun said. "I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers at 462-8918.

The investigation is ongoing.

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