DeQuincy-area youth sports league cancels season due to lack of volunteers

DeQuincy-area youth sports league cancels season

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - Picture a life without baseball. Unfortunately, that’s becoming somewhat of a reality for at least 300 kids in the DeQuincy Dixie Youth Baseball/Softball League.

Earlier this week it was announced that their upcoming season would be cancelled due to a lack of volunteers.

“It’s just super sad that I won’t get to play with them," 7-year-old baseball player, Brady Dickerson said.

It’s a hard hit for Brady, a 5-year player in the league, who not only misses out on playing his favorite sport, but building friendships with his teammates.

“The ones I’ve played with in Dixie were super fun, I just really wish it wasn’t canceled because I know I’ll get to play with them in high school and college, but those are very short times," Dickerson said.

Jonathan Parker, commissioner for the league and a former Dixie baseball player himself has now taken his call for help to social media. He says it’s heartbreaking to see a local tradition 76 years in the making now come to this.

“I remember being a little kid and having so many teams out there, times have changed so much, we have less and less teams, I see children not playing and it saddens me,” Parker said.

It’s a trend he says he’s noticed happening more frequently, especially in the last few years.

To learn more about the DeQuincy Dixie Youth League and how to become a volunteer, CLICK HERE.

The overall decrease in youth sports activity hasn’t been as great for youth baseball and softball, and one study even showed an increase in those sports, from 14.59 million in 2006 to 15.64 million in 2017.

Meanwhile, local leagues in the area generally report either steady or slight declines.

“We sign up on average 300 kids, that’s about 30 teams we put out there,” Parker said. “Each team needs a coach, we need a secretary, somebody to do paperwork, someone to keep us legal and a host of other things.”

As for now, the Dixie youth season is at a standstill, but Parker remains hopeful.

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