Brees and Foles relationship ties back to the same high school in Texas

Brees and Foles relationship ties back to the same high school in Texas
Brees quarterbacked the Chaparrals to a Texas state title.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Drew Brees and Nick Foles will share the same field on Sunday, but their relationship goes much further back than this weekend. Brees and Foles played quarterback at the same high school, Austin Westlake.

Brees won a state title in 1996, Foles finished runner-up ten years later for the Chaparrals. Brees also beat Foles and the Eagles in the 2013 NFC playoffs.

Both quarterbacks own a Super Bowl ring, and the respect is mutual between these Texan gunslingers.

“He’s always been a pretty calm, cool customer. You look obviously at what he was able to accomplish last year and certainly what he’s been able to accomplish this year during the latter part of the season. He makes plays and I think he’s got a lot of confidence in himself. I think their team seems have a lot of confidence in him as well," said Drew Brees.

"We played them in the playoffs in 2013 when he was a starter there with Chip Kelly. Obviously, they had a great team then, and he was playing well then too. From there I guess Rams, Chiefs, and then back to the Eagles, but I remember seeing him play in high school. The 10-year anniversary for my high school football team state championship was 2006. It was actually during the season. It was a Friday night. I remember flying back, and kind of being part of that homecoming experience. The starting quarterback for my high school at the time was Nick Foles. Funny how things play out, but he’s done a phenomenal job.”

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