‘There are two sides to every story’ says DeQuincy doctor accused of phoning in fake shooter at hospital

‘There are two sides to every story’ says DeQuincy doctor accused of phoning in fake shooter at hospital

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - A DeQuincy doctor is accused of phoning in a fake shooting threat according to authorities, but the doctor says it wasn’t a prank, it was a misunderstanding.

“On Monday at 10:47, DeQuincy Police Department received a report from the hospital stating they received a call that a man with a gun was coming to the hospital to shoot them,” DeQuincy Police Captain Tom Threet said. However, when authorities arrived on the scene and secured the area, it was revealed to be a “prank.”

“About 10 minutes later, we received a phone call that it was a bad joke,” Threet said.

Threet said after interviewing witnesses, it was determined Dr. Eric Jacobs made the phone call.

Jacobs confirms to 7News he did make the phone call, but said it wasn’t a prank, it was misunderstanding.

“There’s two sides to every story,” Jacobs said, but declined to elaborate.

The call caused panic throughout the hospital.

“We took it very seriously," Threet said. "As we were clearing the parking lot, people were scared to death because police are out there. We’re telling them that we have a possible active shooter situation; the horror that we saw on people’s faces, statements that we’ve seen on social media of people that were there saying that they were there and locked themselves in a closet, they hid, just the different things that they did. In this day and time, we cannot have these kinds of actions; especially from an educated person.”

Dr. Eric Jacobs faces three counts of terrorizing, according to Threet. Judge Guy Bradberry set bond at $100,000. Jacobs posted bond and saw patients Wednesday.

“It was an unfortunate incident that did occur," DeQuincy Memorial spokesperson, Heather Royer said. “We are moving forward business as usual here at DeQuincy Memorial Hospital.”

In a letter to Jacobs, DeQuincy Memorial CEO Heath Hairgrove said after receiving the incident with the Medical Director, they will still allow Dr. Jacobs to see his patients at the hospital.

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