New income tax return form aims to make filing taxes simple

New income tax return form aims to make filing taxes simple

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The IRS has released a new form to file your individual income taxes that aims to simplify and expedite the way we file taxes.

This new postcard sized form will be replacing previous forms like the 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ.

Monita Dejean is the area manager for Jackson Hewitt in Lake Charles and said this new, shorter form is much simpler.

“It’s easier in a sense because it has made it easier for everyone to file standard tax returns; meaning that there are no itemizations for miscellaneous items anymore,” Dejean said.

She said though it may be easier for some, it’s not the same for all when it comes to those itemizations.

“'You’ll be able to do it on a post card', is a myth,” Dejean said. “Because there’s no way, with all the attachments, that you’d actually be able to do it on a post card.”

Dejean said for many people looking to earn tax credits for things like children and self-employment, there are additional attachments.

“So, people that are not familiar with the new tax laws would be confused as to how to fill out all this stuff on their own,” Dejean said.

Dejean said the new forms are being released during a time when the certainty of the government being open is still in question. However, she said people doing their taxes should have nothing to worry about.

“The government shutdown won’t have a big effect on that because, right now, we’re not seeing that it would. In the past, it’s delayed us by a couple of days at the most, but not by a long period of time,” Dejean said.

Dejean said not to wait to file your taxes at the last minute, she said the new changes could be confusing. She said if you have questions, you may want to leave time for professional advice.

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