Indorama says flaring and vibrations only set to last a couple more weeks

Indorama flaring and vibrations only set to last a couple more weeks

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Tony Scarpulla, a Sulphur resident for over 20 years, is used to noise and flaring from Southwest Louisiana industries, but says Indorama Venture’s is unlike any other.

“It’s a little extreme, yes," Scarpulla said. “It sounded like a loud motorcycle passing with a constant rumbling.”

Indorama is currently undergoing a startup at its Cities Service Facility.

Indorama’s Health Safety Security and Environmental Director Robert Lynch clarified what the source of the rumbling is.

“The rumbling that they hear is from the flare," Lynch said. " In order for the flare to function, there is steam added to the flare which allows for 100 percent combustion of anything coming out of the flare.”

Lynch said residents will only have to deal with flaring for a couple more weeks. Once the startup process is over, the noise will be almost non-existent.

“We do understand the nature of the inconvenience and we sincerely apologize," Lynch said. "We genuinely want to assure that we are working around the clock to get things started up, so that this doesn’t impact them any more.”

Dick Gremillion, director of Calcasieu Parish Office Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, sai the noise comes with the territory.

“Unfortunately, it’s just something that comes along with starting up these new facilities," Gremillion said. "There are several more that are due to come online in the next year or so. It’ll be something that we need to pay attention to, but I’m not sure that there’s a real answer for it.”

Some residents are asking if the loud noises are allowed.

Billy Eakin, with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, said Louisiana has no noise pollution regulations and that any issues should be dealt with by local government.

Scarpulla said it’s the price residents pay for living so close to the plant.

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