Saints remain healthy with divisional playoff game on the horizon

Saints remain healthy with divisional playoff game on the horizon
Michael Thomas hasn't missed a game all season for the Saints. (Source: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - When it comes to the postseason, talent and chemistry is crucial, but equally important is health.

“Obviously staying healthy is very important for any team that’s making a run. You want to have the right guys in the key places," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Fortunately for the Saints, they’ve had those key pieces in key places for much of the season. Look at the playoff roster. On defense, the Saints only have one starter on injured reserve, cornerback Patrick Robinson.

On offense, the only player who could be unavailable is left tackle Terron Armstead.

That’s where the bye week helps. It’s another week’s rest for wounded players like Armstead, but mental rest for the entire team.

The hope is to come back refreshed and refocused, and if this season is any indication, that’s exactly what they’re going to be.

“Having that bye week after the Monday night game was good for us. Then we go on the road, I think at Baltimore the following week, and we get a big win. We get that after the Thursday night game at Dallas. We get a few extra days, and then go on the road, and get a big win to win in the division at Tampa. Now we get a bye week going into our opening playoff game. Hopefully you know the result is the same. Where that rest pays off, and allows us to go out there with great energy and emotion and execution,” said Brees.

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