Comeback Kid earns major recognition after successful rookie year

Comeback Kid earns major recognition after successful rookie year

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - He’s been called the ‘"Comeback Kid."

Former Barbe running back, Dana Fontenot, was once seen running for the end zone in Lake Charles.

The athlete fractured both of his growth plates in his knees; an injury local doctors said they had never even heard of.

The injury was crippling during a vital time in his high school career, but it didn’t hold the athlete back.

“I don’t even really think about it,” Fontenot said.

After starting for the Barbe high school team in 2017 during his senior year, Fontenot found his options for playing at the next level were slim. However, he was determined to make it.

“The coach from Carthage really took his time and tried to talk to me," Fontenot said. "And we kind of just formed a relationship after that.”

Living up to his name, Fontenot appeared in seven games as a freshman at Carthage College.

“People kind of take an interest in who this kid from Louisiana is,” Fontenot said.

To his surprise, at the end of the season, the rookie was named Freshman Offensive Player of the Season.

“It was pretty cool just to see that the players voted for me,” Fontenot said.

The scars from the injury may never go away, but it gets easier.

“I can feel it as the motion in my joints are starting to loosen up again," Fontenot said. “It’s a lot easier just having another year of real recovery. Everything is starting to come into motion.”

Fontenot is majoring in athletic training at the small Wisconsin school and plans to make more plays for the team in the coming years.

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