LSU defies adversity to slow down UCF’s high-scoring offense

LSU defies adversity to slow down UCF’s high-scoring offense
Rashard Lawrence won defensive MVP of the Fiesta Bowl.

GLENDALE, ARIZONA (WVUE) - It wasn’t just the adversity of missing players before the Fiesta Bowl, but during the game as well. Terrence Alexander and Grant Delpit were both ejected before halftime, but the Tigers defense didn’t blink.

“We’ve been through a lot. On and off the field, and it’s pretty easy when you’ve got brothers that you love playing with, week in and week out, to just lean on them. We don’t like to complain too much. It does get tough, but we have each other, and keep on pushing," said defensive tackle Rashard Lawrence.

“We just came in with the next man up mindset, especially for the defense. Because we knew we were going to be missing a lot of key players. I told them it was a great opportunity to make a name for themselves and they did that. We’re one team, one heartbeat so we stick together through it all," said linebacker Devin White.

Of course, LSU’s offense helped their defense tremendously by dominating time of possession and controlling the game.

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