Understanding your Medicare

Understanding your Medicare

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Moving to a Medicare policy can be daunting. Understanding what’s covered in your medicare plan can be a key factor in keeping you healthy.

There are two types of insurance under Medicare: Part A is hospital insurance and Part B is medical insurance.

After a year on Medicare Part B, patients are eligible for a free wellness exam. This exam will take height, weight, and BMI measurements and include a vision, hearing, cognitive, depression and balance test.

Dr. Steve Springer, a family medicine specialist with imperial health, said these basic tests can lead to other preventative exams.

“In an exam, everything we measure for a patient is not so objective or a number or a blood pressure,” Dr. Springer said. "A lot of times it’s how people are feeling or very subtle things that change over time like memory. So, because we’re getting those every year, we’re able to more accurately determine things that aren’t so easy to measure.

Dr. Springer said since its introduction in 2011, people who have the annual wellness visit are more likely to receive services like vaccines and cancer screenings.

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