Westlake looking to potentially sell natural gas to industries

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Westlake announces the sell of natural gas

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Westlake is looking to buy natural gas, then sell it to industries. A resolution passed at the city council meeting on Dec. 17.

“We’re looking forward to it," Westlake Mayor Bob Hardey said. "It could be a win win for us. It could be a tremendous amount of money. I’ve heard numbers from half a million to four to five million, when it’s all said and done years from now, annually. So, it’s a $20 million deal to sell natural gas to large volume users and it’s never been done in the state of Louisiana.”

According to Hardey, the city has been purchasing natural gas from the Henry Hub in Erath to sell to city residents since 1969.

Because of a federal mandate, the city government can buy natural gas cheaper than businesses.

A feasibility study will look at the possibility of allowing plants in Westlake to essentially use the city’s name to purchase natural gas cheaper from the hub. The study is coming at no cost to the City of Westlake.

“The gas system is what has supported this town since 1969," Hardey said. "This is not an overnight adventure. If it happens, and that’s if it happens, we are not going out and getting ready saying we are fixing to get this big win. We have to see how things happen.”

Hardey said the feasibility study passed on Dec. 17 at the city council meeting will take around nine months to a year.

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