Vic Salvador sworn in as Lake Charles City Marshal

Vic Salvador sworn in

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Vic Salvador was officially sworn in as Ward 3 Marshal at Lake Charles City Court on Dec. 18.

“I feel good. I’m ready to work!” Salvador said, post-swearing in.

He said he has a few goals he’d like to accomplish within just the first few months in office.

“Evaluate the budget and get the deputies the equipment and training they need; that’s first and foremost," Salvador said. “I want to evaluate salaries and work on improving the salaries of the deputies as well."

He said his deputies need to have the proper equipment to properly protect the communities they’ll be serving.

“I’d like to see officers have standardized weapons so that every officer is carrying the same type of weapon, so they’re familiar with it in case they have to pick up someone else’s handgun to use, or rifle,” Salvador said.

During his campaign, Salvador made a handful of promises. One being he would cap his own salary to match that of the sheriff’s.

“I intend to limit the salary that I take, which is—we’re able to do now. We’ll be sitting down with the local legislators, hopefully, in the near future and work out the logistics of actually changing the law,” he said. “I’m not going to make more than the sheriff makes.”

Salvador expects that salary will be around $175,000.

He said he’s grateful to all who supported him during the election.

“I want to thank Marshal Alcede. I want to thank my opponents throughout this race and thank the voters throughout Ward 3 for coming out on a nasty election day and voting," Salvador said.

While he was just sworn in, he plans to start getting to work Wednesday.

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