Local baby diagnosed with Dent’s Disease

Local baby diagnosed with Dent’s Disease

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It started as a failure to thrive; four-month-old Nathaniel Firmature wasn’t growing.

“It made me feel like, ‘did I do something wrong in my pregnancy?’” said Nathaniel’s mom, Catherine Clement.

Along with not eating, under-developed vocal cords, kidney stones, and a slew of hospital stays and surgeries, Nathaniel was diagnosed with Dent’s Disease; a rare, chronic kidney disorder that occurs almost exclusively in males and causes large amounts of protein and calcium in the urine.

“By the time he’s in his late teens or early 20′s, he’ll be on dialysis and on the kidney transplant list,” Clement said.

The condition is a painful one, both physically and emotionally for the entire family.

“He has one kidney stone we know of and, later on in life, he’ll have some developmental delays," Clement said. "I mean, he already does. He can’t eat and he has some newborn tendencies and he’s four months old.”

Nathaniel is currently 50 percent behind on the developmental scale. The family expects rickets and renal failure to be in the baby’s future.

For now, after being in and out of the hospital his entire life, the family is looking to give him a first Christmas to remember.

A fund for Nathaniel has been set up so the family can cover costs to go to New Orleans for appointments and for future clinical trials.

You can donate here.

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