Former Sulphur head football coach Jeff Wainwright takes his talents to Grand Lake

Former Sulphur head football coach Jeff Wainwright takes his talents to Grand Lake

GRAND LAKE, LA (KPLC) – Tuesday afternoon Jeff Wainwright told KPLC he will be going back home to Cameron Parish to be the new head football coach at Grand Lake High School.

“The position came open and it’s just a perfect time for me and my family to make the move,” Wainwright said. “It’s the perfect time for me professionally as well. Everything kind of fell into place for me to be able to go down there and coach at Grand Lake. I’m just excited to go and represent the parish where I am from. All these years Cameron Parish has supported me and now I’m excited to go back and use all of the experience that I’ve gained at the other schools I’ve coached at, from all the good players and coaches I’ve worked with, and give all that experience and knowledge back to Cameron Parish and to Grand Lake.”

Wainwright, a South Cameron graduate, laid the foundation for Kinder High School’s current football success prior to coaching at Sulphur. Wainwright spent 10 years coaching the Jackets, leading the program to a 65-42 record and a quarterfinal appearance in 2011.

During 16 seasons as a head football coach, Wainwright has compiled a record of 99-73. Wainwright plans to continue his coaching success with the Hornets.

“I want to go down there and build something special that will represent our entire parish at a state level,” Wainwright said. “I had a tremendous amount of fun playing football down there in Cameron Parish and it meant a lot to us. I see the end of my career coming and I want to be able to end my career in Cameron Parish. It’s tough to leave Sulphur and the great people. We have done a lot of great things there, but the time was right and now it’s a new beginning and I’m looking forward to it.”

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