Former Cajun French Music Association president identified as victim in double homicide

Reaction to Lacassine homicides

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The former president of the Lake Charles chapter of the Cajun French Music Association has been identified as one of the victims in a double homicide on U.S. 90 near Iowa.

Walter Joseph Gotreaux, 72, and his wife Darlene Cecelia Gotreaux, 70, were discovered dead in their home by Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff deputies on Dec. 16.

Friends like Jessie Arabie, who’s known Walter since 1968, said he was the type of friend you could call in the middle of the night and he’d be there.

“If I could say anything about Walter, when he was a friend, he was a friend for life.” Arabie said through tears. “Those kinda friends, you don’t find every day. You don’t come across too many friends like that too often.”

Arabie said losing Walter and Darlene, is extremely heartbreaking for everyone who knew them.

“Darlene and Walter, was, I always said it was a match made in heaven," Arabie said. “They raised the family, grand kids. Darlene was a great worker, she kept the house, took care of the kids. It was a good relationship.”

He said if there’s one last thing he could tell Walter, it would be “I love you buddy.”

Gotreaux was interviewed by KPLC in 2013.

2013 interview with Walter Gotreaux, past president of the Cajun French Music Association

The Cajun French Music Association issued a statement via Facebook earlier today, saying:

Two killed on US 90 between Iowa and Lacassine

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