Coast Guard & Catholic Charities collaborate for needy, help also needed throughout the year

Coast Guard & Catholic Charities collaborate for needy; help also needed throughout the year

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As Christmas gets closer you can feel the excitement in the air. Part of what keeps many hearts light and cheery is doing for those in need.

Inside this warehouse at Catholic Charities, local Coast Guard members and volunteers are busy days wrapping gifts that will help make a better Christmas for those who need help this year. Miguel Bernal, with the coast guard, loves it.

“So, we’re here at Catholic Charities wrapping up gifts for the less fortunate and we do this every year. This is my third year doing it. I am just really happy to be here, and I know some of my shipmates in Lake Charles, we love doing this for the less fortunate,” he said.

It’s heartwarming to see little dollies and other toys sure to brighten a child’s Christmas. Even lake Charles Mayor Nic hunter wrapped a few gifts, though his main purpose was to thank those involved.

“When you get groups like the Catholic Charities, the Coast Guard, other members of the community, you can have some great things happen,” said Hunter.

Hunter said the community depends on volunteers who make a difference in others' lives.

"You feel more like a member of the community when you volunteer. So, this city is only made better and stronger by volunteerism and mentorship," said Hunter.

Lu Creager said more volunteers are needed to help throughout the year with things like the nutrition program.

“We have the food bank here. We need volunteers on Thursday and Friday; the second and third Thursday and Friday of the month, every month. And then we have different little groups and projects that we have, such as if someone loses their house or needs furniture, we always call upon volunteers. So, there’s always help needed,” she said.

Once the wrapping paper and decorations have all been put away, they hope others remember that other needs never go away

For contact information to help in the year round needs of Catholic Charities and the USCG volunteers, call 337-439-7436. Again Food Bank is on the second and third Thursday and Friday every month and for various activities throughout the year.

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