Baby born 14 weeks early lives up to her name

Baby born 14 weeks early lives up to her name

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Tiffany Duhon had a fairly normal pregnancy.

“We did ultrasounds and everything was fine with the baby," Duhon said. "And I was just going on every day, going to work, ready for the baby to come.”

Duhon went into preterm labor with her first-born, so doctors were cautious.

“She was just a joy her whole pregnancy," Dr. Uzma Porche, OBGYN, said. "She never had much to complain about, very uneventful, so when she came in with premature rupture of the membrane, I was very surprised.”

At just 26 weeks, Duhon went into labor.

“When I got out the bed, I saw water was rushing,” Duhon said.

She went to the hospital and was put on magnesium, steroids, and antibiotics to continue the baby’s development. However, two days later, Duhon knew the baby was coming.

“And there was Faith," Duhon said. "Born at 1.2 pounds.”

Seven weeks later, in the NICU, baby Faith lives up to her name.

“She is meeting the milestones that she needs to meet," Porche said.

“It is a miracle," Duhon said. "She is a miracle.”

Faith is now weighing three pounds and Duhon hopes to have her home by her original due date, January 25.

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