Malfunction causes gas to sell for 2 cents a gallon

Customers filled their tanks for .27 cents.

Low gas prices

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Gas prices seem to be on the decline lately, but Louisiana residents may have gotten the best deal on gas ever.

“They just hit, like, the jackpot of gas!” Kristen Smith, a woman who missed out on the cheap gas prices said.

Viewers contacted KPLC, saying they filled their tank for 27 cents and 33 cents total in Lake Charles on Dec. 11 around 10 p.m. Circle K employees at the Prien Lake Road and McNeese Street locations confirmed a malfunction may be to blame.

“I’m very annoyed that I missed that, I come to this gas station every day. It was right across the street," Smith said.

A similar thing happened in Baton Rouge. There, a customer at a Circle K gas station said they filled their tank for 30 cents, reports WAFB.

KPLC has reached out to the regional office concerning this incident and we’re waiting to hear back.

33 cent gas
33 cent gas (Source: KPLC Viewer)
Customer fills tank for .27 cents.
Customer fills tank for .27 cents. (Source: KPLC Viewer Photo)

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