Lake Area park undergoes renovation

Lake Area park undergoes renovation
Lake Area park starts undergoes renovation (Source: Robin Richardson)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -Wiley B. McMillan park is getting and upgrade.

“I took a tour of some of our parks and I realized that some of them needed some love," Mayor Nic Hunter said. "Rather than just immediately throw another tax on the ballot we decided to get creative in how we funded some of these improvements.”

Mayor Hunter wanted to make improvements without costing city residents. With the initiation of his Partners and Parks initiative that was made possible and improvements are already underway.

“Hopefully the first quarter of next year you’re going to be able to see everything come into fruition," Mayor Hunter said. "I would invite people right now if you have the opportunity over the next few days just come pass by and take a look at what it looks like today. Then we’re going to invite people in January and February to come take a look at the finished product.”

One McMillan community resident says she’s thankful for the renovation and that the park seems much safer than it was a couple years ago.

“It’s much more safer now that they have the bars on there instead of the iron fence," Stephanie Bean said. "It gives the kids more activities to do during after school and summer school you know what I’m saying it’s better for the families.”

“Not only the financial and Capitol improvements but the social improvements. Parks are very important," Mayor Hunter said. “Green space is important, public spaces are important. We want our parks to be re-energized we want them to be safe places where families feel comfortable. It’s truly going to be a transformation for this park”

Mayor Nic Hunter’s Partners in Parks initiative will include several Lake area parks:

  • Mary Belle Williams Park
  • McMillan Park
  • Hillcrest/Bellard Park
  • Drew Park
  • Buddy Prejean Park
  • Riverside Park
  • Tuten Park

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