La. Humane Society here to help relieve overcrowding at Oberlin pound

La. Human Society here to help relieve overcrowding at Oberlin pound

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In the small Town of Oberlin, they have a 30′ x 30′ building to house loose dogs. Someone who became concerned about the 16 dogs in the building contacted the Louisiana Humane Society. They sent Phylisha Soleto from New Orleans to see how the organization could help.

“A lady called and said that they needed some help down here, so I came down as a field agent to do some investigation just to see what we could do to help them. We could bring in supplies, we could do some repairs, we just came here to help them to see what they needed,” said Soleto.

“This is not a full-fledged shelter. We have strays. They have a lot more strays coming in. So, what we need is we need these dogs adopted out. We need the community to know that these dogs are here,” she said..

Soleto is here working to improve the situation for the dogs and to get veterinary care for those who need it. She says a couple of the dogs may need to go to a rescue shelter for rehabilitation, but that most of the others are adoptable.

“I think probably about 90% of them are adoptable. I have one mastiff that we want to go to a rescue. And we have one female pit bull that was either used as a bait dog or fight dog that needs to go to a rescue. She’s very sweet, but she needs to go to a rescue so someone can help her. A dog is a life-long commitment. They have to go to the vet. They need care. They need to know that a dog is not ‘come get today’ and then ‘throw away tomorrow.’ That’s the issue that we’re having here. These dogs are just thrown into the street,” Soleto said.

Town officials will handle the actual adoptions. Soleto hopes the dogs can be placed in order to avoid eventually being put to sleep.

"They can only be kept for so long because we have so many on the streets. And without having a proper facility, there’s nothing we can do. They do the best that they can,” said Soleto..

Soleto says those interested in adopting will be screened to assure they are not connected to any illegal dog fighting.

For more information on possibly adopting an animal from the Oberlin pound call the town of Oberlin at 337-639-4333 or 337-639-2205.

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