Devin White will be on the field January 1st for the Tigers

Devin White will be on the field January 1st for the Tigers
Devin White is projected to be a top ten pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - No one was surprised after Greedy Williams declared for the 2019 NFL Draft. The cornerback is expected to be a top ten pick. But some of the Tiger faithful were disappointed when Williams ruled out playing in the Fiesta Bowl. Future first-rounder Devin White understands Greedy's reason for ending his LSU career a game early.

“We play for two different reasons when we step on the field. I respect his reasoning. I talked to him when he was making his decision. He told me he was ready to go pro. He felt like he shouldn’t play in the game, because a lot of past incidents with a lot of other top players at their positions. I’m around his daughter just as much as he is. I can’t do nothing but respect Greedy. We was together before he came out with it. He cried like a baby. That’s how much he wanted to be around us,” said LSU linebacker Devin White.

On the other hand, White will play in the Fiesta Bowl. He took to Twitter not too long after Williams declared for the draft.

“I just want to clear everything up. So it didn’t have to be a topic of conversation no more. Devin White is playing at the end of it. Let’s talk about something else. If you want to talk about LSU. Just know come January 1st against UCF, Devin White will be on the field,” said White.

White also went on to say he’s not made a decision on the NFL Draft just yet. Most draft boards have the North Louisiana native going in the top 10.

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