VFD issues warning about extension cords and surge protectors

VFD issues warning about extension cords and surge protectors
Surge protector melts in Vinton
Surge protector melts in Vinton (Source: VFD)

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - The Vinton Volunteer Fire Department shared the dangers of using extension cords with surge protectors via a post to their Facebook page.

VFD responded to a call concerning a burning odor in a residence, said the post. The smell was the strongest in the dining room.

Eventually, firefighters found a melted and overheated surge protector and extension cord, said VFD. The residents admitted that due to electrical issues in their garage, they resorted to connecting their extension cord and surge protector to provide heat for their animals in their garage.

VFD said luckily, firefighters found the source of the smell before it was too late. This situation could have been worse if not caught ahead of time, or if the residents weren’t awake to smell the odor.

The post said to never plug an extension cord into a surge protector; particularly, if the source requires a large amount of power, such as a space heater.

VFD said this should be a wake up call for all residents. The department also encourages residents to replace smoke detectors that are older than 10 years.

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