Offensive signs spark controversy in Hayes

bad signs

HAYES, LA (KPLC) - A property on La. 14 and 101 has been posting signs voicing profanity and distaste for community members.

Cindy Demaskey is the mother of the man who has been making the signs and says he is greatly upsetting the community.

“He doesn’t talk to me,” Demaskey said. “I have nine grandchildren and they have to see it every morning because they ride the bus that goes right in front of it.”

Chief deputy Stitch Guillory with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office says the signs aren’t against the law.

“He’s not breaking the law by having the signs on his property," Guillory said. "It just causes chaos and dissension within the community.”

Community members are upset.

“I tend to my business ordinarily, but it’s time somebody speaks out,” Arnold Harrell, who works and lives across the street from these signs, said.

“Freedom of speech? That’s not freedom of speech, that’s freedom to show your stupidity,” Harrell said. “It’s senseless for what he’s doing.”

Justin Leger is a lifelong resident in Hayes and says this is one of those situations that tests the limits of the First Amendment.

“It’s on the main entrance to and from Hayes,” Leger said. “School buses pass it every day, so kids see it. Even though it’s freedom of speech, it’s not okay.”

Some people just choose to ignore it.

“I don’t pay that much attention to them, I don’t let them bother me,” Robert Authement said. “I have no problem with the sign being there or not being there. I just wish that people would get along.”

Ultimately, Demaskey says her son needs to learn to respect others.

“I know he don’t want people bothering him, but at the same time, he is bothering others,” Demaskey said. “If he wants respect, he needs to earn it. That isn’t earning it.”

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